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Okochi Memorial Prize for SPR™

08. April 2013

SEKISUI Chemical’s pipeline renewal product SPR™ was awarded with the 59th Okochi Memorial Prize by the Okochi Memorial Association. The Japanese honoration ceremony took place in Tokyo on 22th of March.

The Okochi Memorial Association was established in 1954 to commemorating Dr Masatoshi Okochi's services to academic societies and industries. The Okochi Memorial Prize acknowledge remarkable achievements that are related to industrial engineering, research and development of production technology and the application of advanced production methods. It is the first time a sewer industry related technology is honoured with this prestigious prize.

The awarded spiral-wound product SPR™ is used to rehabilitate sewer networks. Worldwide underground infrastructure systems are deteriorating substantially due to age or steady increase of traffic loads. Trenchless technologies like spiral-wound are an environmental-friendly and cost-effective rehabilitation solution. SPR™ is globally used because it is able to to rehabilitate sewer pipes in a wide range of diameters and shapes. It is based on the principle of spiral winding a factory-manufactured continuous plastic strip into a liner of high stiffness and low weight directly into the deteriorated pipe. During installation there is no need for excavation. Unlike other trenchless technologies, it is feasible to rehabilate without stopping the water flow inside the pipe. At the end of the rehabilitation process the annular space between the spiral wound pipe and the existing pipe is filled with high-strength grout to ensure the static characteristics of the spiral-wound pipe.